Introducing New Vaping Regulations

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Discover the upcoming changes in vaping laws in New Zealand, effective from 21st Dec 2023 and through to March 21st 2024. Stay informed about these important updates.

Are Disposable Vapes Being Banned in NZ?

Disposable vapes are not being banned in New Zealand. However, single-use vaping devices must meet specific requirements and have updated features according to new government regulations.

So What’s Changing?

Starting from December 21st, 2023, all single-use disposable devices must include:

*   Child safety mechanism

*   Removable battery

*   Nicotine concentration not exceeding 20 mg/mL

Starting from March 21st, 2024, all reusable pre-filled pod devices must include:

*   Child safety mechanism

*   Removable battery

Starting from March 21st, 2024, e-liquid flavour names/descriptions must be limited to 1 or 2 flavours from this approved list. (Add link to list

What鈥檚 a child safety mechanism?

  1. Requires at least 2 simultaneous or 5 sequential operations before the vaping device is activated; and
  2. Automatically deactivates the device within a period of no more than 10 minutes after vaping has stopped.

In short, this means devices will feature a button that you press 5 times to unlock your device. They will also shut off after 10 minutes.

What鈥檚 Staying The Same?

Don’t fret! Your beloved e-liquid flavors are here to stay, albeit with new names that meet the regulations. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to easily identify and enjoy your favorite vape juice flavors!

Refillable and prefilled pods will remain on the market, with the main impact of the regulations focusing on nicotine strength and flavour names. So, keep calm and vape on!

Discontinued Disposables

Please be advised, effective December 21st, 2023, disposable vapes that don’t conform to the new design regulations proposed by the government, and those disposables exceeding 20mg/ml will no longer be available for purchase. This includes all disposable vapes with strengths of 50mg, 40mg, 35mg, or 30mg (5%, 4%, 3.5%, or 3%).

FOMO? Act fast and stock up now while you still can! Visit our website to shop for disposable vapes. (

What now?

At Vape Vault, we’ve got you covered! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be introducing a fantastic range of completely compliant disposable products. Get ready to discover your new favourite device with ease.

Stay tuned for updates on the availability of these devices, and don’t forget to follow us @vapevaultnz for the latest news and updates. We’ve got exciting things coming your way!

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Larissa Milham is a highly esteemed Nicotine Replacement Therapist and the proud owner of Vape Vault, a renowned Vape Store situated in Gisborne. With an unwavering passion for helping individuals overcome nicotine addiction, Larissa has established herself as a trusted expert in the field. Her profound knowledge of nicotine replacement therapies, coupled with years of experience, has enabled her to guide countless individuals towards a smoke-free and healthier lifestyle.

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